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Tara Lynn Steinley

March 20, 2018

Tara Steinley, age 35, passed away Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at the Cypress Regional Hospital, Swift Current, SK. She leaves behind her greatest gifts, her children, Emily and Ezra; her parents, Brian & Liz Steinley; her brothers, Kirk Steinley and Tyler (Nicky) Steinley; her nieces, Madison and Summer; her favorite nephew, Korvin; her GG, Irene; and by her many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Tara was predeceased by her grandparents, Wilmer & Velma; her uncle, Dave Ramnairine; her cousin, Chris; and by her friends, Shannon, Jeff, Candis, Sara, and Amanda.

Tara Lynn Steinley was born June 6, 1983 to Brian & Liz Steinley in Swift Current, SK. She graduated from Maverick School in Swift Current, which was quite a feat because Tara did not enjoy school from day one. She only went to be with her friends, of which she had many. Tara had a wonderful sense of humor and was a gifted poet. She wrote some funny poems about her dad and his old nag, Navajo, who didn’t want to cross the white line on the highway — she thought that was hilarious and you can imagine what she wrote.

Tara always loved being teased by her brother, Kirk — although, not really — and would accuse him of pinching her hair, and it really hurt. Kirk would sing “Run, run, away” to her, because she and her school friends, Allison and Lauren, decided it was a good idea to go off on an adventure to see the world — so they packed their camping gear and were off.

When she was younger, Tara loved to play restaurant. Her brother, Tyler, was the customer and she would be the waitress who did all the cooking, serving, and cleaning up. Though they didn’t see each other much over the past few years, they could always have a good laugh just by sharing movie quotes. One of their favorites was “Here’s how I like them, I suggest you have them the same way,” from “Nothing but Trouble” — which she watched countless times. Another favorite was “Dazed and Confused.” When Tara liked something, she really liked something.

Always the comedian, she could imitate just about anyone, even if she had just met them. Her specialty was imitating her mom while she was on the phone, “Okay, bye bye!” A memory Charlotte will always remember. Tara got the crafting bug at an early age from her mom, and probably Mr. Dressup (which Tyler can attest to). She continued this legacy with her daughter. Tara would find the ugliest of things at a garage sale and transform them to look like an expensive piece of art. And she was quite the decorator, every place she lived received a fresh coat of paint, sometimes more than one coat — a skill she learned from her dad.

Tara loved the quietness of the outdoors — camping, spending lazy days at the river with her family, and sitting by the fire under the clear night sky looking for shooting stars and UFO’s. The only thing she didn’t like about camping was the possibility of a mouse joining her in the trailer, a fear she inherited from her Grandma Steinley. Unfortunately, there was an incident where Tara and her daughter, Emily, had a mouse in their trailer, and it’s highly likely that everyone in the park knew about it as well due to all the screaming. They slept in a different trailer that night once the dust had settled.

As a child, Tara loved to go hiking in the river hills — although no one’s certain as to how much hiking she actually did, as she was usually perched on her dad’s shoulders and hung on to his ears. One memorable hike they took was longer than most, as they were searching for the truck, which they had passed by roughly five miles. She never let her dad hear the end about that.

One of her last posts on Facebook said, “Cousins are the first friends you have.” Some of her cousins may not believe that’s true because of her temper and her tell-it-like-it-is attitude. Her cousin Travis has a memorable story involving a pepper shaker, and the rest of her cousins can attest to this as well. She had spunk!

Tara always loved the thrill of a good scare, no matter the source. She enjoyed watching horror movies and taking her friends out to hold farm houses in search of ghosts and goblins — allegedly catching some on video. This also led to Emily, being in a zombie movie. She loved the fair and couldn’t get enough of the rides. One year she sold her horse, another year she sold a steer, just so she could get her fill of everything the fair had to offer. This has rubbed off on Emily, as well.  

Tara has also passed on her sense of style to Emily and the importance of how to dress for any occasion, which involves hair style, after hair style, after hair style… To Ezra, Tara has left her sense of adventure, curiosity, and independent streak. Her family sees Tara in Ezra daily — the way he is determined to do his own thing his own way, and how he likes to take a drink with his little finger in the air. A trait Tara picked up from GG and passed on to him.

“Tara, you will be missed by many, but you will live on in our memories and in your children.”

The Celebration of Life for Tara Steinley was held on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 4:00 pm from Faith Evangelical Church, Swift Current, SK with John Duncan officiating. “Amazing Grace” was sung by the congregation. The tribute was given by John Duncan on behalf of the family, honorary pallbearers were all those who were a part of Tara’s life. A Private Family Interment Service will be held at a later date from the Rush Lake Cemetery, Rush Lake, SK. In memory of Tara Steinley, donations made to the Emily and Ezra Steinley Trust Fund (Innovation Credit Union – Account 830512335969) would be appreciated by the family.

It’s Me

Hey, you guys, don’t feel guilty

It was just my time to go.

I can see you’re feeling sad,

I can see the tears still flow.

My life’s journey ended early,

The path I chose was short,

You all tried your best to change it,

But in the end, it was for me to sort.

I know I caused you pain,

But I was captured by these demons,

They wouldn’t set me free again.

They took away my freedom,

They took away my choice,

And when they got their hooks in,

You could hear it in my voice.

There were times I tried to fight them,

There was a time I nearly won,

But they came back and overpowered me.

I had nowhere left to run.

I haven’t really left you guys,

I am closer than you know,

I will be the whisper in the wind,

I will be everywhere you go.

One day you will all forgive me,

One day you will understand,

And when your time on earth is done,

I will be waiting to take your hand.


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